Kathmandu provides sponsorship in the form of equipment, clothing and other gear to help our Summit Club members achieve extraordinary feats.
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Sponsorship is available to Summit Club members only.
If you're not sure of your number, it will be on the top of any recent Kathmandu email. You can also find out your number, or join the Summit Club by calling us on 0800 001 234 in New Zealand, on 1800 333 484 in Australia or on 0800 066 5018 in the UK.
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Please note: we review applications once every 3 months and we will not be able to consider late applications.
October 25th 2017 - For adventures starting February 1st 2018 or later
January 25th 2017 - For adventures starting May 1st 2018 or later
April 25th 2018 - For adventures starting August 1st 2018 or later
July 25th 2018 - For adventures starting November 1st 2018 or later

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How will you capture photos and/or video on your adventure and how do you plan to share these with others?How will you capture photos and/or video on your adventure and how do you plan to share these with others? *

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Kathmandu supports Summit Club Member’s Adventures by providing products. Which products would you like to take on your adventure? *

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Approvals for sponsorship are made on the accurateness and truthfulness of the information contained within this form. By completing and signing this form you are confirming that you have completed this application form truthfully to the best of your knowledge. As a condition of applying for sponsorship, your name and any photos you provide may be used by Kathmandu in any media for an unlimited period of time and worldwide without further notification, remuneration or compensation.

Applications will only be assessed when:
- The sponsorship request form has been completed in full.
- The sponsorship request form has been submitted on or before the deadline as listed online.
- The applicant has requested product assistance, not financial assistance

If you are successful:
- You will be advised by phone or email and your sponsorship will be announced on Kathmandu social media pages and Kathmandu websites globally.
- The product is to be used for the purposes you have stated in this application.
- You will not use Kathmandu product in any online auctions or any other activity that will result in personal gain.
- You will provide Kathmandu with promotional material, such as videos, photos, blog references, or written stories, showing how the product has assisted your adventure. By providing this material (including but not limited to video, photographs and written copy) you provide Kathmandu with unrestricted permission to use and/or publish this material. In some cases we will ask you to work with Kathmandu to produce photos, video and written material in collaboration with us.

Privacy Statement
We are collecting your information so that we can consider and process your request. Personal information provided will be managed in accordance with Kathmandu’s privacy policy, which can be viewed at www.kathmandu.com.au, www.kathmandu.co.nz or www.kathmandu.co.uk.

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